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Workplace Retaliation
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It is your right as an employee to file discrimination or harassment complaints against your employer when such offenses are allowed to happen in your work environment. This may seem obvious and may be taken as a given. However, employers have been guilty of retaliation against employers who have done one or more of the above by firing, decreasing their pay or workload, and making the environment hostile or pressuring them to quit.

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What Are Workplace Retaliation Laws?

According to federal law, no employer may take retaliatory actions against any employee who has taken any of the following actions:

  • Made a complaint or report of discrimination

  • Made a complaint or report of physical and/or mental harassment

  • Participated in employment investigations

  • Served as a witness for employment investigations

  • Acted as a whistleblower

  • Asked for reasonable accommodation for a disability

  • Applied for medical leave

  • Resisted sexual advances

  • Refusing to follow orders that would result in discrimination or harassment

  • Asked about salary and wages to gaged whether discrimination is at play

  • Has supported or participated in another’s file of a complaint

When your employer finds out you have been involved in one or more of these things, they may attempt retaliatory behavior. If that is the case, you should be aware of your situation and seek legal advice immediately so you can avoid further retaliatory actions from your employer.

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What Is Considered a Retaliatory Action?

Though your work environment may become tense, what you observe may or may not be considered workplace retaliation. Before making any claim of workplace retaliation, you should consult with an experienced attorney to discuss the details and determine if you have grounds for legal action. However, here is a list of examples of actions classified as retaliatory to help you gage your situation:

  • Unwarranted reprimand

  • Falsely low-performance evaluation score

  • Transfer to a less desirable or lower-paying position

  • Verbal abuse or harassment

  • Physical abuse or harassment

  • Threats to report or actual reporting the employee to the authorities (e.g. immigration)

  • Increased scrutiny

  • Spreading false rumors

  • Threatening to treat a family member negatively

  • Increasing the difficulty of the work

  • Manipulating the employee’s schedule to conflict with personal engagements or family obligations

There are many instances where an employer is guilty of retaliatory behavior. However, proving retaliation can be difficult, and you may be going against not only your employer but other employees as well. For this exact reason, you need to retain the services of an experienced workplace retaliation lawyer.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for Workplace Retaliation?

Absolutely. Having an attorney not only provides you with representation, but a skilled attorney will also advise your options so you can make informed decisions. An attorney can also help you not only understand your rights but the rights of your employer as well. Knowing what actions are legally punishable by employers will prevent any unjustified claims and will also help build your case with credibility and a sound strategy.

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Workplace Retaliation Attorney in Los Angeles, California

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